bippity boppity boo

I’m terrible with flirting and dating and everything to do with attraction and sexuality and I totally blame it on my up-bringing like 10,000%.

Also, I’m supposed to be studying for this huge mid-term tomorrow as well as finishing some work due in like five hours, but despite these things, I feel that this is more important. Actually, I’m just a huge procrastinator.

My best friend recently cut all of her hair off and is all liberated about it and all and I’m so proud of her I could scream.

This same girl convinced me to leave my number for this waiter. WTF? I know.

The setting: dimly lit café on a beautiful spring day; total hipster, alternative scene.

The motive: scoring a date with a guy who is totally potentially a gazillion years older than me but it’s totes alright because I’m legal.

What happened: I left a sticky note with a stupid hat doodle wearing a mustache that was all in pink ink and my number.

The outcome: no comment.

Lets just say that movies are not real life which is why they are movies and not real life.


Can I have one movie moment? Maybe two?

Can I have a Breakfast at Tiffany’s back of the taxi awakening?

Can I be Ms. Aaron Samuels?

Can I please just have one magic carpet ride with Aladdin?

Is that too much to ask?







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