Truly, Honestly Happy

And it’s amazing that I know I’m truly happy now. In a matter of a week or so I will graduate from high school and my life sort of begins–the real stuff. The facade of school and “friends” and emotions for people who don’t really matter will hopefully crumble away.
I’m not going to prom and everyone seems to think it’s the worst decision of my life, but I’m truly, honestly happy with it. I feel as if I’m going to burst at the seems but not with despair for once in my life. The storm outside of my window is not the tears of the betrayed and hurt, but the rumble of new beginnings and brighter mornings.
You know you are truly, honestly happy when you drive down the same street you’ve always driven down every single school morning and wish you were the trees that pass you by. Wishing you were the trees whose limbs stretch for the sunlight that warm their leaves and rough bark.
Then you change your mind and wish you weren’t just amoung the trees that line the road, but a vast tree of the rainforest, whose limbs entangle and mingle with others, creating an unbreakable canopy of leaves. You wish you were a vast tree in the rainforest whose mere existence is the sustenance for all life.
You wish you were a tree of all things.
I’m happy.


A simple thing to be, yet something hard to come by.


2 thoughts on “Truly, Honestly Happy

  1. Right on. thanks for sharing your happiness. that’s the best thing one can do with such a gift. I salute you. and one day, I hope you can look back on your high school experience as the memories fade, with the same happiness you’ve got with ya now. Cheers ~

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