To You

I didn’t mean to hurt you.
We just ended so badly.
It wasn’t even an end.
It was more like a jagged edge
with pieces of the both of us still in the grooves of the knife, but maybe I’m being too poetic
about things because shit
happens and we were never
meant to be
and that sort of sucks
but it’s reality.
I’m not good with sharing feelings
and you poured out your soul into my hands,
but it eventually slipped
through my fingers and pooled at my shoes.
I’m also not good with emotions,
so when my best friend, depression,
payed me his daily visit,
you were livid.
“Talk to me.”
“Tell me.”
“I love you.”
“You frustrate me.”
Then it happened.
It ended
and I meant it.
“It” being us.
And I’m okay with that.


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