She dreamed that I had died.

Depression is unique to each of its prisoners. The kind I am imprisoned by is where I’m happy for a moment–a split second, a turn of a page. Then it hits me all at once. A sudden, overwhelming sense of hopelessness rushes over me. And what do I do? Smile. Laugh.
The day after Robin Williams passed, a friend and I were discussing it and the horror of it all. A girl across from us put in a blatant opinion. What she said made me sit back and just…She said that Robin Williams was burning in hell. She said that God said that suicide was wrong and you just go to hell.
I almost broke down at that point. I could not believe without a doubt that someone could think that. But then I thought on her words. I suppose I could understand that she believed this because that’s what she was taught. She even said that, but I could not wrap my head around it. To assume that a person such as Robin Williams were to be quickly banished to hell because of his condition is absurd. I believe that God doesn’t work on the level of man. I believe that saying those things is such a man–human thing to do.
I don’t really know what I’m saying. I don’t celebrate suicide or promote it at all. But we have to all, as human beings, find the decency to actually attempt to understand one another.
Just listen.


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