A leopard can’t change its spots.

So I’ve tried blogging every day. My daily routine of almost blogging has gone something like this.

Step One: Open laptop.

Step Two: Get distracted and go search for food.

Step Three: Lose Inspiration.

Step Four: Open window of blog.

Step Five: Type one sentence then delete.

Step Six: Wallow in woe and simultaneously not care.

“Blogging should be an outlet and free and natural and blah blah…”


It’s not easy for me to take a seat with my thoughts.

I want to lucid dream.

I don’t want to start my last year of free education.

Well, I do. 

Um, maybe I’m not fit for social gatherings in general.

I say this because we–my family and I–went to my sister’s college orientation.

Andddd it was horrid. Pleasantly horrid.

Why does “feminism” have such a bad connotation?

Yeah, there are eccentric woman activists for lack of better terms. But doesn’t every movement have its flaws?

Maybe I’m beating a dead horse.

Such a dreadful idiom.

I enjoy idioms though.

Ha, I should use that when a guy asks what I like.

“I enjoy idiomatic phrases

, but despise metaphors unless they’re expressed by me.”


I don’t know where this post is going or where it even started.


I wish I could stir the skies.



I wish I could fly.


I wish I could dream dreams never dreamt before.

How cheesy of me. 


summer sucks.


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