Kmart & Like at First Sight

“I don’t know
How I feel
Want to feel
Something real
Feel something real..”

“You’re So Cool, I’m So Freaky”- Kate Nash

So I went to Kmart yesterday. Not a very dazzling introduction, but whatever. The whole reason I was there on a dull, rainy Monday evening was solely because I tagged along with my Aunt and my sister. They were getting stuff for her first year of college and blah bleh. Kmart is always deserted due to the lack of it having a grocery department. I have no clue why the city or whoever concluded that getting rid of it would be beneficial–if that’s the right word. With birthday money weighing down my pockets–or I should say bra since I was wearing leggings–I headed to the shoe section of course.

Why is this even important to the telling of the story? It’s not. Who knows why I just said all of that. Fast forward twenty minutes, we proceeded to go to Layaway. This is where you call dibbs on whatever you want and only have to make a downpayment of ten buckaroos. Browsing their terrible book section, I noticed Demi Levato’s inspirational book about how she overcame so many things. Puke. It was absolute rubbish, but if you’re into that kind of stuff then good on you.HIEuc4GnfE While I was in a hipster trance, I failed to notice the guy standing behind the Layaway counter. 

This is the best part. 

“Come on up.” He called us up next obviously. Sigh. It was like at first sight. He wasn’t even incredibly cute or anything. D14s7K0b7yThere was just something there. The way he laughed at the stupid little jokes he made. Or the way he joked about his job and how hot it was in the back. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh. 

I remember when my Dad asked me if I wanted to work at Kmart, and I laughed in his face.  I’ve applied for every job under the sun since then. Kinda tired of being dirt broke 92% of the time. Now I’m like Katniss in the crowd.

And this post was supposed to be about feminism.

Until next time.


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