Lull & Obscenities

I have ultimately come to the conclusion that no, I will not be attending the drudgery the government calls school today. I will in fact stay in bed.hnAFL37Pqd

I will eat blueberry pancakes and my woes along with them. I will mull over a topic to blog about even though my blog isn’t really about much of anything.

I have a particular interest in odd seemingly impractical things such as ghosts, fairies, giants, unicorns, Sasquatch, parallel universes, mermaids, aliens, and of course, time travel. Obscenities grind my gonads. They make me feel like I’m apart of some huge, elaborate escapade. They make me feel as if I’m not just a speck on a flower held in the trunk of an elephant. 

I don’t have much to say, but I do have a lot to talk about. I’m not entirely sure why it’s hard for me to communicate. I’m not sure why my anger feels like it builds slowly but surely until one day I’ll burst like a balloon filled with water in the middle of ACT Prep Class,and the egotistical dick lgfP0RVusHsitting next to me won’t look so smug. Heh.

The thought of time travel is oddly warming. I might be stranger than I think. Time travel actually is so interesting that it warms me. I’m laughing at myself. Everyone who reads this will most likely think I’ve wandered further off the deep end.

Believing in the unbelievable couldn’t hurt? 

Sometimes I forget how I look. To remind myself of course I look in the mirror, but the person I see isn’t familiar. I remember I saw this quote somewhere on the internet. It went something like: if women stopped wearing makeup, men would be forced to go for natural beauty. I suppose that is true, yet I still find something funky about that. I mean, makeup isn’t our battle. I suppose our battle is ourselves. I mean, I’ve written on beauty before, but it was cupcake. Sweet and simple. 

I’m pretty sure no one is entirely comfortable with themselves. I feel that yeah, I’m me and blah blah all that good stuff ,but then I see a pic of an absolutely beautiful girl and wonder how it is to look that way. I wonder how that became the definition of beauty and why another girl wouldn’t be considered as beautiful.

I have much to say, but I’ll do you a solid. I guess this is the end.



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