My 100th Post, How I Utterly Wasted My Fall Break, Absolutely Loving Not Having Friends, And My Thoughts On Love

9YHXHmns5kWe meet yet again–me sitting here typing these very words and you reading the crap that spills from my cranium and leaks through my fingertips. 

So it’s 3:09 am and I’m pretty sure I have insomnia c: Whoo-hooooo sleeping disorders. I’m serious though. If I get more than five hours of sleep, I’m dead and can no longer function. So what have I been doing the past months whilst not blogging? The answer is regular everyday chiz that isn’t worth talking about since I pretty much have no cares in the world for the people at my school nor do I have friends and spend my spare time making a complete fool of myself in front of strangers (explosively singing Broadway songs in Wal-Mart, running away from large strangers and throughout places, having my dad drag me around the store while having to explain to employees that he was my father and indeed not kidnapping me) ’cause that’s just quirky non-nerdy but geeky 16 year old girls who are ready to go to Chicago and start a band do^^ 

Pretty much. So adios!


I did mention that I have no friends, right? Well, I’m throwing pity a party. See what I did there c: Ha. Ha. Ha. I’ve actually become more acquainted with the fact that I have none. It’s great actually. I don’t have to talk to many people except for the occasional “Hello” of conversations about nothing in particular. I dress however the heck I want with no conscious of questioning if someone would disapprove of. Now that I think back, I always had told myself that I didn’t care for the approval of others, but what a lie! I’m maybe at the happiest state I’ve ever been in the history of my soon ending high school career. I am definitely over the people at my “oh so fabulous school” that I even, for a moment, considered graduating early. I mean why stay? Who am I staying for? What am I staying for? 

But I’ll graduate with my class anyway. I don’t want to be sixteen in college. Talk about being almost as awkward as being 17 and graduating O_O. I’m seriously going to be 17 when I graduate and even a bit after.

*deep sigh recalling all of life*

Anywayyyyyyyy. I already know what college I’m going to and it’s all hanky-doreee and what not^^ Go life and new adventures!

Oh and as for fall break–a break we get due to the changing of weather and seasons–I’ve spent it learning new songs to cover, lines of the fall musical, watching Youtube, more Youtube, reading, music, Youtube, stuffing my face, and more Youtube!

Caution: The following thoughts on love from a 16 year old girl’s perspective is coming up.

Love. L-O-V-freakin’ E

Love is such a strong word to me. (Great starting point, eh?) It can be a word hardly ever spoken or misused and thrown around freely. Love is such a worn word. And love itself, I’ve never felt romantically in love with anyone, but I have felt love towards people. I could say that I “love” a person but not mean that I want that individual as a mate or whatever. Then I’d go on to clarify the certain aspect I “love” about that person. I love everyone on this planet. Impossible? No. I feel loving a person is just a natural thing. I may love some people more than others but that’s why I’m not God XD. Since I am a teen, and I witness many individuals proclaim love for one another left and right, I feel it’s absolutely absurd yet I can’t speak for any one of them since I haven’t experienced a “relationship”. I don’t think I will anytime soon either. I feel that I first need to get more comfortable and acquainted with myself before I go trying to find a guy. I haven’t found a guy I’d be interested in being with. How would a guy possibly benefit me at this time of my life? Especially the way some guys say, “I love baseball. I love Nutella. I LOVE that new song. Oh and by the way, me and (insert girl name here) FOR LIFE–I LOVE THIS GIRL”. 


Just no.

And why is every teenager obsessed with eternity???

Best Friends Forever! 

Me and (insert name) Forever!

Gonna Remember This Night Forever!

Best Night Ever!

No. Trust me. Our lives haven’t even started yet and you’re already putting a lid on the jar of opportunities. 



Well, I hope my 100th post was fulfilling and incredible and life-altering and just the bee’s gosh darn knees.

Adios beautiful people. 

P.S Also these past months I’ve managed to: run into a pole, trip over the same crack every day, and not get caught running around during lunch. HURRAH!!

P.P.S Happy Birthday to my gorgeous sister on her 18th birthday c: 

Love you Benson ^^


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