A Talk

Dear God,
I know I don’t always think of you and do many things that you frown upon, and I always end up on my knees with tears streaming asking for forgiveness because you’re worth so much more then any of THIS. I’m not always sure why things happen in my life, but I trust you. I’m not always happy or joyful or spiritual. My eyes aren’t always looking to you. Yet you’re the only one I can depend on. I love you. And this post doesn’t express a fraction of the love I have for you. And to think you love me no matter what. To think even when I tuck you under the rug and only dust you off when needed, you still love me more then anyone ever could. And the solution to every problem I have is to go to you. Please forgive me God. Thank you for everything and all that you’ll do for me in the future. I might not see the good in things all the time but thank you for all you’ve given me. So yeah. Amen.


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