Did you miss me beautiful blog c:?

I certainly missed doing this c: Gah summer is nearly over and I have neglected my blog one too many times. Bad on me. Anyway, I’m back. Back in the blogging groove. Yup. So I guess I have much to say ^^ take a seat, this will be awhile I think. But I guess you could decide to choose not to read it. O.O I choose the first one for you. 

Just the other day I was over my adopted grandmother’s house. I hadn’t seen her in a while and it was very nice to see her. Yes, she is my adopted grandmother because I’ve never really had a grandmother. My mum’s mother died when my mum was only two. My mufasa’s mum has never been apart of my life so yeah. When my mum met this lovely woman years and years ago, she was just a babysitter for my youngest brother. Then she grew on all of us and BOOM. Adopted grandmother c: She is so sweet and loving and energetic and refreshing. I dunno. I like elderly people. They always have so many stories and bobbles and such. Even if they’re grumpy, they’re cool to me c: Plus they have a great sense of style usually. Reminds me of that one song about a thrift store. 

Well to get to the point, my adopted grandmother’s granddaughter I believe, she made this statement that is stuck in the nether region of my brain forever. So she was leaving to exit the room and we all said goodbye, my siblings and I, in this awkward unison thing that only happens when you have siblings you’re close to. “BYE!!”, we all say in unison then put on our awkward smiles. Then she goes, “Never say goodbye just to give you hope that it won’t be your last. Always say see you later.” Well, I revised it a bit but that’s what she said basically.  I love that so much. And I don’t love many things so. Let that stick with you too, I suppose. I think it’s a great saying to live by.

Also I discovered this band earlier this year and just recently kind of reunited with their music. Now I know why I loved them so much. They’re very talented, the four of them, and I don’t want them to be pegged as like an English boy band type thing. Their lead singer, Brad, has this voice that’s like rustic sort of yet I dunno. Just really talented. I am a fan (Vampette) :P. They’re called the Vamps.


Check them out if you want to at this link here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CiyDlUle-8&feature=c4-overview-vl&list=PL4bJrzT5g31mdu6zF83nD0WR1PeEXlNQn. Also, if you search around a bit on Youtube, you’ll find an original song by them I think XD, called Cecilia. It’s pretty much amazing.  So yeah, that’s all for now. 

See you later alligators c:


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