Laugh a Little Sweetheart

There are some people in this world who could go on forever without cracking a smile in anyone’s direction. Everyone gets like this at times, but we’ve gotta learn to “live and let die”. Yeah, that pesky thing may seem like the end of the world at the moment, but after awhile just shrug it off. Not easy every time, but still. We all have to learn to laugh at ourselves a little more. Trust me, I laugh at myself ALL the time. Yeah, I feel like an idiot when everyone gives me that “why the heck are you laughing spontaneously” look. Do I care? Not entirely! I’m the one friend who always forgets to zip her pants and goes around all day with them unzipped until a friend laughs their head off trying to tell me to zip them up. I’m also the girl to trip over air in the hallway, almost face-plants when she stands after her leg has fallen asleep, nearly falls out her desk when trying to grab something form another person, hum/dances in the hallway when she doesn’t think anyone else is around but then turns to find people staring at her, grows nervous when having to order food at a restaurant, and etc etc! Let’s just say I have many many MANY mishaps every day^^. Yet I laugh it off. I laugh at the stupid things I do. I laugh when I think back on things I thought were “major” but now seem to be complete nonsense. Well, what this whole post is about is to just LAUGH! It not only makes you feel a bit better, but it’s good for your health.


1. lowers blood pressure

2. reduces certain stress hormones

3. increases memory and learning

4. improves alertness, creativity, and memory

and etc etc c:

Basically just laugh a little people:3

laughing cat


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