I just want to be happy with myself. Not saying that I’m not. Being happy with who you are is not only difficult, but it could also be a bad thing. Like you wouldn’t be able to take reprove I guess? Love, happiness, and money are all the things that most people desire. I suppose I have minor desires but nothing too big. Which is scary. It’s like if I desire too much I fear I’d be crushed by that very thing if it didn’t work out…
I shouldn’t fear.
I shouldn’t do a lot of things.
No, this isn’t a “sad” post, I’m just doing a little reflecting. What if clinically depressed people were just deep in thought all the time? Which is also scary because it’s like they’re trapped in their minds. Living in a coma. I certainly wouldn’t want to to be caged in my mind.
Any who, good morning sunshine c:!!!
It’s 6:48 am here and I just decided to say stuff.
True story.


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