I am beautiful.

Because of my giant eyes, my height, my lips, my wild hair, my mind, my innocence, my laughter, my intelligence, my writing talents, my voice, my love for God my spontaneous behavior…


Beauty isn’t defined by looks. Beauty is an individualistic thing–not mass produced. Beauty is so much more than a face. It’s embedded in you. It’s your soul, your heart, your being. You just have to find that beautiful thing in you and let it show. Embrace that beautiful thing and once you do, you’ll never be the same. That beautiful thing will encompass you and be the envy of all and admired by many. Try every morning to wake up and say “I am beautiful.” in the mirror. Don’t be shy c: because once you’ve done this so many times, it seeps into your mindset and no one can tell you any different. It’s not about pride or egotistical things. It’s about knowing that you are one of kind. It’s about knowing that you are beautiful and worth the world and beyond. 

A Few of the Many Women I Admire For Their Beauty

lena dunham

Lena Dunham


Adele Adkinsemma stone

Emma Stonearetha franklin

Aretha Franklin

betsie coleman

Betsy Colemanjudy garland

Judy Garland

josephine b

Josephine Baker
josephine baker

Josephine Baker again c:anne hathaway

Anne Hathaway
princess diana

Princess Diane

amy winehouseAmy Winehouse
joan of arc

Joan of Arc

elizabeth taylorElizabeth Taylor

marilyn Marilyn Monroe

Audrey Hepburn

And not to forget my beautiful mother…

Love you mom c:

“I am a Princess. I am brave sometimes, I am scared sometimes. Sometimes I am brave even when I am scared. I believe in loyalty and trust. I believe loyalty is built on trust. I try to be kind, I try to be generous. I am kind even when others are not so generous. I am a Princess. I think standing up for myself is important. I think standing up for others is more important, but standing with others is most important. I am a Princess. I believe compassion makes me strong. Kindness is power. And family is the tightest bond of all. I have heard I am beautiful, I know I am strong. I am a Princess. Long may I reign.

-Disney Princess Campain


I hereby challenge you. Yes, you. Find your beauty and blog about it, sing about it, dance about it. Be selfish for once. Let this one thing be all about you–the beautiful you^^. 


3 thoughts on “Beauty

  1. You are indeed beautiful and I am writing this mostly to let you know that your blog is very difficult to read. I had to highlight the script to read it. God bless you!

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