Finally finally finally.SPRING BREAK!!! Mr. Parker, my English teacher, even gave us an extended period time on our research papers “because he’s a giver”. Well chuck all of it because it’s spring break! Much to do about nothing! Ha best day of my life except the fact that I’m skipping out on going to the movies with my friends tonight. It’s a lazy bum kinda night. Anywho, speaking of friends, sometimes I make assumptions about people way too early. I guess that was happened to this one friend I recently regained. And as for the friends I currently have, they’re the best there could ever be.There’s something different in each of them that I both admire and dislike. I mean, if you never argued with a friend of yours, you need to reevaluate your “friendship” because all friends fight. And most people choose friends based on how much they relate to them whereas I look for the strangest people in the bunch. 

I also dislike when people say you can only have one best friend. I think I have a few. Rachel is one of them. She’s this hippie girl that just seems to emit her own style and happiness. My second best friend, Ashley Cavalierre, is the smartest girl in our class with the quirkiest personality on the face of the earth. Lastly, my third best friend, Sarah, has the loudest laugh in the universe and the biggest smile you’ll ever see. She always knows how to shake things up.

Which reminds me. Mixtapes. I owe approximately three mixtapes to three different people. Well I’ll get to do them because it’s SPRING BREAK. Holy cow. Whelp, that’s all that’s in me for today. Adios.

spring break

A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in.

Robert Orben



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