To Say Goodbye

Saying good-bye is just as painful as building the courage to say hello. Farewells are heavy boots and slumped shoulders. Tears and hugs. Good and bad. Sorrowful and joyous. I wonder what my departure will feel like once I’ve cut my ties to this small Tennessee town. I suppose there will be the classic farewell to my parents and ado to my friends. Tears will only fall for the friends I love most. “Good luck” will be said to the friends of the moment. 

I’d say goodbye to that stretch of highway this town sits on. I’d say goodbye to the old rickety unpaved twisting back roads. Goodbye to the fields of corn and cotton. Goodbye to the old shops that line the streets. Goodbye to the public library I sit in for hours doing nothing but meaningless thinking. Goodbye to that one nice secretary at the middle school. Goodbye to those skater kids that trek every inch of this town. Goodbye to a lot of things. Maybe I’ll make my goodbyes extravagant. A plane flying with a banner across the sky. Write a song full of goodbyes. I’d sing farewell to things that may have no true value, but are prized in my eyes. 

But I’ve got two years to think of proper goodbyes.

Two years is an awfully long time.

But deep down…I know I never want to say goodbye.

“Never say goodbye, because goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting.”

-Peter Pan



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