Here Comes the Sun–minus a few rays

Even though things at the back of my mind still irk and poke, it’s an accomplishment to me that I can brush that away, turn my face to the sun, and say chuck you troubles. Valentine’s Day is coming up and I’m not even the slightest depressed that I don’t have a Valentine. Usually I’m that girl that rues the day of love. My Criminal Justice teacher only annoyed me the slightest bit today. My mom actually agreed with something I said this morning, even though my father still did his share of yelling.

Sorry for the short blogging but the oh-so-nice librarian has kicked me off the computer.

Gah. Messed up my flow. Apparently blogging isn’t allowed, but checking your email and shopping online is totally acceptable. Chucktards. And I thought the library would be one safe-haven at this school. I think not.

Free-spirit is not accepted. If it is, it is only accepted by the terms of those who abide over us, automatically slashing away at our creativity. It’s elementary my dear Watson.



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