The day when I think about everything and right now all at the same time. The rainy day that turns into sunshine. The day when I think of change and tradition. The day when yesterday and plans of tomorrow blur.The day when my yearning for a ukulele grows stronger and pb&j sandwiches are a sheer cuisine. The day when I walk around in sweats and sweater and those bear socks Ashley bought me for Christmas. The day when Spongebob is the bees knees and blogging and reading blogs and watching old movies and playing online games are as about as much fun as going to the circus. The day when I don’t have a care in the world even though the grading period ends this week. The day when I already make up in my mind that I won’t mind the weird stares or periods of loneliness when I have to go back to hell tomorrow. 

Go me c:

and not in a total douche-bag narcissistic way



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