When You’re Living With a Broken Heart

Everyone from my past has someone. Maybe a few don’t have someone but I feel so jealous sometimes. I did some twitter stalking today–not that I do it often or that I have an account–something just popped up and I dunno something happened and all of a sudden I’m in this dark mood. Not brooding, but just not pleasant. Gr, I’ve never been the girl to sickly want a boyfriend or anything but when all the people around you have someone then of course you feel a bit glum. Gah. Ironically, an Adele song just popped up on Pandora. Just my luck. I feel like I don’t necessarily need someone but a person would be nice. Ha. I’m shivering it’s so cold. Anywho I just feel like a lump of cold lard. Am I that undesirable? That no guy has everrrrrr wanted to go out with me? Or even confessed that they liked me…I think it’s my weirdness and awkwardness that’s like boy repellent. Is it my weird socks or the way I wear two poofballs instead of one bun? The way I speak? My giant alien eyes? It could be the way I walk slightly on my tiptoes. Or how I prefer thrift stores to the mall. Maybe I’m too tall. Or too skinny. My thighs are too big? The way I talk in a British accent sometimes. Or when I sing songs randomly. Hum when I walk? The world may never know.


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