That Green Gentleman

Okay, it’s been getting harder and harder for me to blog frequently. I’m thinking of just deleting it butttt I just might stick around(: Um, so this is an update post–like most have been. The title is a Panic! At the Disco song. One of my favorites actually.“Things have changed for me and that’s okay. I feel the same, I’m on my way and I say, Things have changed for me and that’s okay.” And those lyrics mean so much to me right now because I have changed and I’m still changing. Oh, I’m number 14 in my class. That makes me so angry but I’m going to try harder…I really am. Sorry, I got off topic. Well, I’m ready for change. I’m tired of this ol’ Tennessee small town. I’m ready for bigger newer things. It sounds cliche, but there’s nothing new under the sun. I’m not saying I want to rush life and miss what’s right in front of me. I just want change. I’m tired of having the same old complaints, hearing the same complaints. I’m tired of seeing the same people doing the same old things. I’m tired of the same old jokes cracked in class. Routine is human nature though. Man needs his habits. For example, in the normal high school cafeteria, we are allowed to sit anywhere we want. Well, on the first couple of days of school, everyone gets all fidgety until they’re nice and comfortable where they are. And that spot becomes yours. I mean, have you been in a situation, young or old, when you fall into these habits and when someone new comes along, you get pretty disturbed. Yeah, me too. I noticed this just the other day. My fourth period Algebra 2 class had to take a different lunch in order to take a test after. My feathers were certainly ruffled. I thought that lunch was the worst because I wasn’t with the same old people as usual. I could have easily found someone to sit with, but did I? Not at all. I sat with my friends from the class and we sat secluded. And I hate that change is hard–sometimes near impossible. I walk around school just barely noticing anyone. I just want out. Don’t get me wrong I love my friends–well, the few true  friends I have, but I don’t think I’d miss any of this. I won’t miss lunch. I won’t miss the teachers. I won’t miss anything really. I may be wrong, but that’s exactly how I feel. I’m not being a Danny downer but I feel that high school is fake. A battleground before we flee to another battleground called college then after, we compete in the game of life. 

I’ve been with the same people for what seems like an eternity and I know if I had to go to a new school; it’d be extremely difficult to make friends. I’m sitting here at 3:14 in the morning blogging about life and crap. I’m a loser haha. I really am. I’m so much of a nerd, it’s laughable. I’m so grateful and blessed to have a family that loves me. I mean, I can truly, WHOLE-HEARTILY, dislike them most of the time, but I know I have them. My aunt is already hunting down all the scholarship opportunities she can find to help us out with college. My mother is a mother of four so it’s pretty hard on her…

I’m so stressed out lately with all the stuff I’m already doing and what I’m expected to do, but I guess that’s how it is for most people. 

I’m going to try harder in school. I really am. I know that some people may say that I’m in a comfortable position.

But that’s exactly my problem. My friend, Ashley Cavalierre is number one and she’s like “Danean, I’m going to help you try harder and yada yada yada”

haha…I don’t even know how to spell her last name. And yes Sahara you are my best friend as well as Ashley(:

Random Pic of the Day:)

*You gon’ act like a man! Imma treat you like a man!*

You haven’t seen the bus uppercut video? I highly recommend it:D


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