A Thought

Maybe nothing’s really worth it. But then again. Maybe everything matters and is building up to something more. Maybe the simple things in life don’t matter at all. All things are truly temporary. But then there are the lucky ones that miss an opportunity but then get another chance. Not likely in most circumstances. I wonder if the choices I’m making and the classes I’m taking( rhyming:) )–if they really matter at all. I know the friends I have now won’t be the friends I have later on and they certainly weren’t the friends I had then. My mom isn’t the same ol’ mom I had in my childhood. She’s still mom but not “mommy”. Maybe no one has changed but I’m the one changing. Which can be both valid and invalid. Saying I am a fifteen year old girl. But then the same kids in my class are the same old kids. With the same personalities. With the same way of “expressing themselves”. But aren’t I the same too? Here I am ranting on and on again. So I still am the same in a way. Hmm…I always wonder what I’d do if people from my school found my blog. Well, I’d certainly be screwed now wouldn’t I? But I always say I wouldn’t care. I know I wouldn’t. Sometimes I wish it was found. Just so I can weed out everyone. Determine who’s here and who’s not. My last post had been a draft for quite a while. That’s why I wanted to do this one.

You know those motivational reads and books like “Pathway to Success! Ten Steps and You’re There!”?

I’m going to read one. Just to talk about how bogus it is. I’m going to follow the steps. Just to have accurate data on how stupid it is. And I’ll blog about it. Just so I can blog?

Some of you are thinking “What the heck? You’re fifteen. Live a little.”

To live you have to have a life.

Which I do not have(:

The Random Pics of the Day things are annoying the ol’ noggin so those are history.

You’re welcome.

A word once let out of the cage cannot be whistled back again.      — Horace (65-8 BC)

Wise old sayings anyone:)?



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