Pep Rallies are so dumb! And Powderpuff football games mixed with pep rallies that you had to pay a dollar to get in for, even worse! I’m just being anti-social, I know. I’ve come to the conclusion that although stupid, pep rallies at my school are awesome–awesome because that means getting out at 1:55. Yeah, those are my favorite days. Also, if you’re wondering what fall break is, let me define it for you. Fall break: a break in which kids get out of school because the seasons changed from summer to fall. Basically, yes, that is what fall break is. It has no meaning whatsoever–not at all complaining though. I love my breaks. Still it doesn’t serve a true purpose because with summer break, you get it because you’re changing grades and yada yada. Spring break is for Easter and etc while Winter break is for Christmas cheer(: Yeah, I know,  I liked that too, the smiley added pizzazz.  Anyway, back on the topic rant at hand, I thought Fall Break included Thanksgiving and whatever BUT it doesn’t. It’s just here.


So I told all my friends to get me something over this meaningless break. Yeahh, that’s all I got on that one haha.  

Time to get seriously serious -.-…kay, I’m in the zone.

My mom and dad think I’m anorexic. Wow, that word is pretty hard to say. Say it with me *anorexic. You have to say it and if you don’t you’re a weenie. You’re one of these:



Sorry, got a bit caught up. So, my parents think I’m anorexic…yada yada…weenie..goofy goober..

Okay, I don’t think I am but their taking me to the doctor anyway. 

They’re being extremely irrational.

It’s not my fault God made me this way.

I was born this way. Lady Gaga reference anyone? No?

Yeah, she’s not all that great. She’s only cool if you’re…

a loser(: haha

I mean, I don’t throw up or anything, yet then again, I haven’t looked up the symptoms.

I should do that now.

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by immoderate food restriction and irrational fear of gaining weight(not me), as well as a distorted body self-perception(definitally not). It typically involves excessive weight loss( for me, I just grew a couple of inches–because I’m only fifteen, and the weight came off). Anorexia nervosa usually develops during adolescence and early adulthood.[1] Due to the fear of gaining weight(nope), people with this disorder restrict the amount of food they consume(I’m a pig.). This restriction of food intake causes metabolic and hormonal disorders.[2] Outside of medical literature, the terms anorexia nervosa and anorexia are often used interchangeably; however, anorexia is simply a medical term for lack of appetite and people with anorexia nervosa do not in fact, lose their appetites( Wikipedia is in fact, a fart and I would say that people with this disorder excessively lose their appetites).

So, now that I’ve done my “research” I’d say that I am DEFINITELY NOT anorexic. All joking aside, if you feel like you have this disorder or if you’re struggling with something similar, go to a doctor. Tell someone. Don’t be ashamed or afraid. Everyone has their downfalls. We’re all human.

And the Oscar goes to…..



I’d like to thank myself for being so darn awesome.

And I’d like to thank…nope, just me. Thank you world!

By the way, my best friend, Ashley, told me to tell you that God told her to tell you…


It’s so hard for me not to. She says that every time I say…

Sweet Jesus, Oh God, Jesus, or Goodness

I’m violating her religion. I’m a Christian too! She’s says she’s going to help me become a better Christian.

God bless her soul.

I’m tired. My brain is fried. Adios.

*Random Pic of the Day-ay*

that’s not creepy at all…I’m going to go become a hermit now…


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