I’m Back. You Can All Go Back to Living Your Lives Now. You’re Welcome.

Kidding,Kidding. But yes, indeed, I am back and ready to blog my…fingers off? Hmm, I’ll think more on that later. So here’s an update list, enjoy:

1. I realllllyyy don’t want to make a C in Algebra 2, I’ve never made a C in my life!

2. Cut my hair:3 wanted something new.

3. To be or not to be with Darius the Junior, that is the question.

4. One of these days I’m going to murder Josh and Andre. 100% joking of course.

5. Hannah and I are friends again. Oh, stupid arguments in life that could take someone you really care for away.

6. A play production. Me, understudy?? The struggles of life!

Yeah, I’m tired of the whole list thing, aren’t you? Anywho, I might also get to go to this totally gnarly Passion Pit concert right here in good ol’ Memphis, Tennessee. Woe, Is Me is also going to be there. Talk about straight awesomeness. Fur sure. *wink,wink

Didn’t go to school today. My great aunt died and I had to go the funeral. Death always makes me reevaluate my very being. Am I living the way I want? Am I making my small mark on the giant world to be remembered along with a thousand other people that’ll die on the same day as me? Especially when Dana, a classmate, died. I wonder what it felt like when he was on that field and found out that he was dead. What it felt to feel life knocked right out of you.

I don’t know.

Death makes me wonder crazy things. I think we’re all afraid of death.

That’s why no one ever talks about it till it comes around and strikes someone dead.

And it’s sad to say that it is “funny when you’re dead how people start listening”…

No one pays as much attention to you as when you’re born and when you die…

I’m only fifteen and I’ve always thought that I’d never die soon.

I was proved wrong.

But it’s like what Mark Twain said,

“The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.”

I want to be prepared.

I get so caught up sometimes, sorry.

If, I made you melancholy, I’m sorry but this is my chucking blog and if you don’t like it, oh chucking well.



All my friends say I sound gay when I say that.

Bunch of homophobes.

kidding, kidding

My favorite color is rainbow. And I am not a lesbian.

Thank you. Thank you.

By the way look up the amazing Cameron Mitchell. He would have definitely won the Glee Project if he hadn’t dropped out. Need some persuasion???

Look at his gorgeousness:

Yeah…I know…

Follow him on everything. EVERYTHING. Spread his music like a wildfire.

*Random Pics of the Flucking(thanks Andre for the word haha) Day*




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