AWW Snappp

I took this girly quiz the other day seeing if the “shy guy liked me” and it said freaking DEFINATELY. I know, life changing. Teen moment: he now walks all the ways I walk to class. Right behind me. It’s sounds stalker-ish now that I’m typing. But still. At least he’s going with the flow. *SIGH* 

Well, off that horrific hormonious notion, yes I mean hormonious and not harmonius, By the way, SAHARAH, you need to hurry up and write in the book already. Don’t be a SnobHog:) Love you.

I cut my hair! I did it. And it’s pretty much amazing.

I also auditioned for a play. I don’t know, I’ve just been really comfortable with myself lately. No worries:)

I love the Fray. The super cool band with the cute yet bald lead singer who’s most famous song and album is “How To Save a Life”. 

“As he begins to raise his voice
You lower yours and grant him one last choice
Drive until you lose the road
Or break with the ones you’ve followed…”

My all time favorite part of that song. It’s really beautiful. Touches the heart right?

It’s finally cooling off around here. Thank God. Now I can wear light sweaters.

Not that any of what I’m typing is the least bit important.

It’s not going to change the world.

Or stop global cooling.

Yes, I did say cooling. Look it up.

Oh the Kooks are playing at this very moment on my “Awesome” playlist. Mmm…it’s the live album too. Luke Pritchard’s gorgeous voice.

How can anyone have a gorgeous voice you say?

Well they simply can. And usually I hate live albums because of the stupid audience.

But no this one. The audience is pretty tame.

Last week  in Chemistry we got to make rainbow flames. It was pretty gnarly.

Ummm yeah, Ashley said gave me an old cupcake recipe book form when we were in elementary school….

Thanks all of you for following this chiz:)

The Queen of Idiots is in the building.

Just to let you know.

Sorry for not posting daily.

I know, I suck too.

Fall is near! CHEER! CHEER! CHEER!

Hannah, you’re a really good friend.

Sorry for all the chiz. Love.


 *lookin straight grizzly*


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