Wig Wam Bam

Apparently, frozen yogurt makes you act like a complete idiot. At least, that’s what it does to teenagers. We had this party thing at our school and there was frozen yogurt and people acted like they were on drugs or something. Someone probably had weed brownies. I guarantee you someone had weed. Anyway, I was just sitting with Rachel, my other half, making fun of the idiots in a mosh pit/ dance battle/ gay stripper circle. Yeahhh…I got to see Darius though, that was a plus. Didn’t talk to him though. Would’ve been a bit awkward I suppose, to get to know someone when your at a dance frozen yogurt bonanza. Oh my my, what total idiots they all are. Okay, anyway, Doctor Who’s Season Premiere came on the other day!!!

I’m a total Whovian. Obsessed really. Matt Smith, by far, the best Doctor there ever was. Love love love him:) . BBC America everyone. First episode of the Season was awesome. Explosions and twists and Speaking  of fantastic shows, Workaholics anyone?!!! Blake is my man. His hair. His stache. Gotta love him. Then there’s Adam, and Anders. They’re hilarious idiots. Wow, I use that term a lot. Comedy Central bruh. Here they are:

some of the sick stuff they say on the rad show…

“Three day weekend, let’s get weirdddd.”

jordan-idesign:</p><br />
<p>#workaholics (Taken with Instagram)

Oh, I’ll be a pacifist. I’ll pass my fist through your face!”- Adam

Tis is Adam

*Adam lol when he almost died*



Then there’s Karl this drug dealer. Yeahhh…you should watch it. It’s pretty much amazing.

By the way, your sweater was *spicy* yesterday Hannah. I totally stole Ashley’s word:)

And that thing Andre said that he was going to tell everyone about you…lol

He’s a dumbo.

Hope Josh gets better so he can come back and reap havoc in every class.

Lizzy and Ashlie are going to talk to Darius for me:))) 

I’m not afraid to talk to him, it’s just that I’m a bit apprehensive about the fact that he’s suuuperr shy and well I’m not. 

At all.

Which could be a bit of a problem.

Ending with me scaring him off.

Yeah, not a good first impression.

So muchhhh hoommmeeworrk.

It’s a bunch of bologna.

I promised Sarah I’d blog today and I am.


Yeah, I’m just going to let the jealousy soak in.

Robyn I’m trying to finish your 80s mixtape:))))

Be patient.

I know, it’s taken me like a year.

I don’t have much else to talk about so here’s the….

*Rannnndom Pics of the Day*

Hmm…who are these attractive people?

If you know, comment:)

If you don’t know who they are…

well you suck.


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