Supah Dupah Spies

Dunna dunna! On a mission of utter importance: Get to know Darius when we never see each other. Ever. Brutal, I know. As you know, yesterday my awesome post got deleted. I was going to be titled Holy Turkey Bites. In which I’d tell you about how much of an idiot I was and how turkey jerky was the best source of protein ever. Besides peanut butter. And I was going to talk about how much of a lovable idiot Josh was. And how Chase has gay barriers he needs to break hahaha. *Sarah gets this. “That’s so gay.” “You faggot.” I the words of Chase. I was also going to tell you about this extremely talented new Christian/Gospel musician I met:) He hugged me and everything. And he said he loved me. And he looked for me in the crowd that night. And he was pretty more than a little amazing live. He’s not one of those snobby boring Christians either. Music speaks to the soul:) His name is Jonathan McReynolds. Find out more about him right 



You’re welcome.

Now back to today. Mr. Ritter…gr. Always calling peoples names haha. Whenever he says, HUGHES (btw my last name), I want to yell back at him. And be all like WHAT? I DON’T UNDERSTAND YOUR TEACHING ANYWAY! Always with the last names gah. BOWLES! DECKER! CRAWFORD! KELLY! Oh yeah, Andre came back today. Now class can be even more crazy. He was messing with Connor in Mr. Parker’s class by tapping his feet on his desk rack super hard and making him shake. It was pretty funny at the time. Oh and Reggie from Criminal Justice is absolutely adorable in a cute kid kind of way. He’s high-larious as well. And Sarah and my video is coming along awesomely. Because I’m just that talented. Kidding. There’s a lot of people that look alike at our school. I saw these two sickly skinny blonde freshman girls walk together and I swear I thought they were the same person. By sickly skinny, I mean the girls whose thighs won’t dare to touch even a little bit when they walk and they have those dark hole looking things in their cheeks. Yeeeahhh. It’s not gay, if it’s in a three way. It’s okay, if it’s in a three way. The Lonely Island. I was going to chat it up about them as well yesterday. Turtlenecks and Chains. Luv me some Andy Samberg. And some Matt Bennett. They look so much alike.



Mmmm…Matt Bennett 


He’s a cute nerd:)

Where was I? Oh yeah, we’re going to be some awesome slicksters tomorrow. Hardcore undercover work. Me, Lizzy, and Ashlie.

Totally Spies.

Remember that show?

I remember them. I was either going to be one of them when I grew up or a…


Mighty Morphing

the classic

Best in History


*I’d say we needed one of these in my town but more than likely it’d be a distraction and cause an accident.*


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