Well…this will be awkward…

-1 friend I guess. Hm, don’t want to be mean but how could I possibly know you were going through chit. Oh yeah, that’s correct, you never talk to anyone. And you’re right “I don’t know what you live for”. And you’re right “I don’t know who you are”. That’s because I’m freaking human. Pure flesh here. I’m sure no one knows the person I am behind closed doors either. No one is who they say they are. And see what I mean, as soon as I start “not being Danean” people start thinking I’m mean. Assumptions, oh yeah, I was making them. All you blog about is you having a rough time and crying and then happiness and then crying. Not being mean. I gave you encouraging words, I did. And annoyed, yes. It’s really hard to “be cool with someone” if they put barriers up. You’re not the only one who has to “hide their emotions”. Geez, there’s a little something called narcissism. Judging? Really? The last thing I did. I don’t care that you’re friends with Katie or anyone else. Katie is actually a really nice person. Never hated her or anyone in my life. I don’t care about your clothes. I don’t care that “you’re not so close to me anymore”. And I put the bit about being on “the outside looking in” because that’s exactly where I’m at. And how could I possibly talk to you? Ask you questions? HOW? We’ve got ummm let’s see, one class together in which you secluded yourself from everyone except Sammy AND I don’t even know where you sit at lunch. I see you in the hallway for half a millisecond and if I say hello you scrunch your face up and reluctantly say hello back. Hm, not very inviting. Sorry it had to be this way. Don’t like arguing but I am going to defend my actions. I’m not going to be immature about this. That’s why I’m still nice to you. That’s why I’m still going to say hi to you in the hallways. No matter if you acknowledge me or not. I’m just going to be another pain in you’re arse. I’m not going to be mean to you. That’s not who I am. Just setting the record straight. 


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