The Truth


Well, I’m doing better now about  Dana. Josh just came back so strong and it like motivated me to get through. He’s still his strange, goofy self. He came back with words of encouragement and just talk of us all pulling together to honor Dana. Gotta love that idiot, Josh ha ha. 

So yeah, I’m all good. I’ll never forget August 21, 2012. It’ll forever be burned in my memory.

Oh, boy. I’ve got me some boy problems. Gr, such a teenager. I like him and stuff but don’t want him to be my boyfriend. I sound like a horrible person, I know. You know what, I’ll spare you the boy stuff.

I think I’m going to start going to Algebra 2 tutoring. And not from Mr. Ritter. It pains me to know that I knew what to do on the test today but never got to finish. Chuck it. I don’t even know how to spell his name anywho, school has been okay besides the seriously depressing parts. I’m still reading the horrid book my friends wrote. Oh God help them lol. I actually have school spirit for once. All for Dana. Hope we beat Kirby’s butt-cheeks. I was thinking of buying a commemorative wristband from this gal but if they’re not pretty, I’ll just make my own.

I’m kind of blank right now. Not much to say yet there is. Can’t wait til’ the Delta Fair. Going with Ashley on one day and Robyn on the next. I have my reasons lol. Can’t wait. Gonna be a blast. A blast of awesomeness. Another teen moment: Can’t believe Beck, aka Avan Jogia, is going to be there from the cast of Victorious. Hope to see him in all of his blazin’ glory.

*Tis is him. Minus the facial hair ha ha*

Yeeehaawww gonnaa have a heckuva time:)

Yeah, in my “Criminal Justice” class today I learned that…





or if you add a bit more than needed…

Woah, her hands are like torches dude. She’s proud too.

Do you see her face? lol

Yippeee loook at me and my FLAMIN’ hands…

Yeahhhh, gotta love that class. I also learned that if you spray Axe on your walls then light it; it won’t burn your entire house down….

*RRRRandom Pic of the Fricken Frackin Day!!!*

I may have Alzheimers but at least I don't have Alzheimers.

*Oh, I love this website.*

One more…

for the sake of mankind

*Story of my freaking life…*


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