The Script and 80s Playlists

Oh geez. Didn’t blog two days in a row. I’ll get better. Anywho, I’ve got this “mixtape” that I’ve promised Robyn a jillion years ago. It’s my 80s Playlist. Hence the title. I think it’s pretty snazzy although many might disagree. That’s that on that topic. Which was 100% random. Just “Toshing” it out there. I adore Daniel Tosh and his sick humor. His wonderfully awesome sick yet totally true and twisted humor. Random thing number three or whatever: never eat those healthy versions of Fruit Roll-Ups. I never heard of them till today when a friend offered me some. I gotta tell ya, when I pick up a ‘snack’ like a Fruit Roll-Up, I’m not planning on counting calories my dear. Not that I do in the first place. But still. Although I don’t know why anyone counts calories. It’s only going to make you think how much you’re not getting and how much more you want. Anyway, they look like super thin pieces of jerky and taste like prunes. I don’t care about fiber. Especially not in a ‘fruit snack’. Psshhh. Fruit Snack. Who ever invented fruit snacks was a person who was just guilty of eating too much candy so decided to make a better term for it. You know what, here’s a lesson for the day.

From a reliable site lol:

General Mills invented fruit snacks as the Fruit Roll-ups. They debuted in four flavors in 1979 and were introduced nationally in 1983. Fruit Roll-ups were followed by Fruit Bars, Fruit Gushers, Fruit Shapes, Fruit Wrinkles, Fruit by the Foot and Fruit String Thing.

Read more: Who invented fruit snacks? | Answerbag

Please tell me who the heck would want to eat a Fruit Wrinkle. Yum. How about a Fruit String Thing? Appetizing. A Fruit Shape? Delicious.

I think not.

Delicious is such a weird word.

This is a 70s Fruit Wrinkle. Just if you wondered what it looked like. I saved you the hard task of Googling.

Back to the randomness, two of my buddies made this book in eighth grade and finally let me read the horrible thing. Sorry guys, worst book ever written ha ha :). The smiley face is supposed to make it seem light-hearted by the way lol. ‘Lol’ was supposed to help too. It’s absolutely hilarious though. It’s more ridiculous than bad, I have to admit. If that counts for anything. Sorry again for being brutally honest. Or just extremely blunt. Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

Here’s a sample:

“I smelled the scent of Aeropostale.”

Not a good sign. Death just may be upon you.

Just guessin’.

“Gag me,” Callie said. “Hey, that’s my line,” Annabelle joked. My friends are great.

…..ummmm. No, they’re idiots with over-rehearsed lines.

There’s also the over usage of “totally”, a random British guy, everyone’s pretty and skinny, people sound like they’ve got their heads way too far up their arse and the names of these people, oh God.


no bad feelings, heh guys:)

In chemistry my buddies go along talking about how they had to take pics in Art class of each other and guess who’s in their class?

Guess. NO?

Darius the junior, my friend.  DARIUS THE JUNIOR! He’s pretty nice to look at I guess. Very nice, actually lol. But he’s a shy guy. *Adorable* I sound like such a teenager right now. I hate it but it is what it is. 

Oh, just noticed I haven’t talked about the Script. yet they’re in the title. Right above. They’re awesome. If you don’t know them. Chuck you. Just kidding. I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of their songs on the device that does the transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves of radio frequency, especially those carrying sound messages. 


*Random Pic of the Day*

*You can’t get more manly than that.*


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