I cannot put into words what today was like. What I feel right now. I’ll try though. I’ll try. I didn’t know at first who died specifically. When I found out it was him, I couldn’t feel anything. My heart hurts so bad. It hurts like it never has before. Dana Payne was the good guy. He always had a smile on his face. Cracked jokes. Even hit on me once. Sweet as ever. To think that that is gone. That that smile is gone. That HE is gone. Brings tears to my eyes right now. In the back of my mind I feel as if he’s just in the hospital. He’s going to be back soon. Just an injury. He’s gone though. He’s not coming back. He didn’t get to hear our last words. We didn’t get to cherish his.

Taken too early.

15, Sophomore

George, it wasn’t your tackle that killed him. Stay alive. Don’t kill yourself like they taunt you. If another death happens, I don’t think many of us will be able to take it. 

Today was heart-wrenching.Our school is torn apart. People weeping. People passing out. People comforting one another. People drawn down to their knees. Football players crying their hearts out. The time we all gathered in the circle outside was beautiful. Sobs heard around the world. For an amazing kid. Sobs heard around the world. Hearts ripping. Sobs heard around the world.

For Dana Payne

All For You

All For You


*Never Forgotten*

*Always Loved*


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