Beginning to Get a Little More Than a Bit Peeved Off: A Short Story About a Girl Named Selena Henry

In a far away land there lived a girl named Selena M. Henry. Now, Selena claimed she was lonely when in reality she wasn’t. She had plenty of friends. She was just to blind to notice them. They were all just chopped liver compared to anyone else she had. Selena all too often complained how hard her life was, which was very idiotic of her because form the outside looking in, no one could see the problem, Maybe it was her confidence. Maybe she’s depressed. Oh yes, that’s right, she enjoys being “alone”, wallowing in “awkwardness”. Poor Selena. Poor her. She’s got it rough. Super hard. No one can ever understand her. No one ever will. Go cry your heart out. I won’t care to hear anymore. No use trying. No use caring. Some people you just have to let go. You just have to move away. Separate. Cry a river. Drown in your own tears.Cry my dear Selena, cry. Good on you. You’ll get over it soon enough though. You will.


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