Smiling Faces and No Empty Spaces:)

Yeah, I rhymed my title and added a cheesy smiley…so what ha ha. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’m happy like every single day for some odd reason. A bit tired, yes, but I don’t have a care in a world. Not what people think of  me. If I’m doing something wrong. My friends love me and I love them. I’ve got new friends also and they’re pretty cool too. I just gahh. God, there’s something wrong with this picture ha ha. There’s no hole in my heart. There’s no sadness. Or depressing thoughts. I Know who I am. I love who I am.

Highlight of the day: Walking with Robyn to her house and her making up a song about me. Ha ha not in a weird way. But a total awesome way. Dancing on the sidewalk, yelling random things, and just talking. I said I would make a song for her. And I am. She’s loud and sparatic and just a ball of annoying energy. I’m still going to be there for her though.

I’ve got this other best  friend. Her name is Sarah. And she’s a pretty darn spiffy scene kid:) She’s a home wrecker *lol. And is going to keep this guy’s thing forever, I know. And I totally love her for it. She’s smart and easy to talk to and beautiful, no matter what she says.

My other best friend,  Ashley C., is also a complete genius and awkward yet can totally make me laugh. She’s got this weird Kurt Cobain bf who’s totally hilarious as well.

This gal named Lizzy is as crazy as any other. She’s got this bf who’s just as weird and always has this look on his face that says “I know something you don’t know”.

This other girl named Ashlie seems like she’s super shy but is just as loud and loony as the rest of us. She’s a really sweet girl who can turn on her ghetto side anytime.

I’ve got this other hippie best friend named Rachel. She’s super badazz and loves the Beatles as much as I do. I’ve known her for so long, she’s practically my sister.

And my other friends I truly care about: Stephanie, Alana, Holly A., and etc. If I didn’t mention your name and you’re a bit upset *If you even read this ha ha* totally call me out whenever you seem me:)

Be like, yo! You totally dissed me.

And I’ll apologize ha ha. Sorry..


*Random Pic of the Day*

*I personally think Zayn looks like a true lady lol*


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