So Help Me God…

I’m having another one of those near brain explosion thingys. Homework, what’s for lunch tomorrow, my umbrella taking space in my locker, vegans, tests, a million heavy books, Kevin Smevin *inside joke*, hate, throwing an apple at Jonah, doughnuts, love, easier ways to get to class, vegetarians, Literary Journal, passing my classes, finishing English summer work, Darius the Junior, the Goonies, how utterly gross Nutella is *btw 200 calories a serv, the way kids eat the stuff, they all should have already had heart attacks by now*, Joshua the Perfect, that weird thing that happened at lunch today that I really don’t understand, Algebra 2 work, remembering my locker combo….I won’t make you suffer any longer by typing all the crap going on in my head.

*Random pic*

I stopped fighting my inner demons.

We’re on the same side now:)


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