8 things to rant over….

Numero uno-o: When people who can fluently speak Spanish are talking to one another and in the midst of the convo you hear your name.

Two is better than one: People who stand in the middle of the hallway when you’re trying to get to your class which is in a whole different building and you end up being late. Every. Single. Day.

Three is a magic number: Awkward moments when you haven’t seen a person in a pretty long time and then you see them in the hallway-not to mention its only the two of you-and you do a sort of 360 head turn as they pass and they do the same. Yet neither of you say a single word.

Four is a bore: Algebra 2 during fourth period. You go to lunch in the middle of the class, pig out, come back, and are as tired as chuck. Still you have to take the quiz and you can’t keep you’re eyelids open so you end up in a half sleep half wake sort of state. Not knowing what you wrote on the test.

Fabulous Five: Getting less than five hrs. of sleep each night and then having to wake up at 5:15 in the morning to go to a school full-well mostly, full of idiots.

Stupid Six: Still kind of, maybe, really, possibly, more or less, perhaps, liking a guy I haven’t thought about in years.

Lucky seven: I’m not a lesbian. I’m sure of it. I’m just clarifying.

Just Eight: Loving my super weird awesome friends. Racing to the trash can in the cafeteria. Running backwards in the halls. Tossing apples in a circle. Being a bit awkward<3…. 



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