Hipsters Aren’t That Non-Mainstream. Not Even ME.

Mainstream is not my taste. And yes, I do love me a good helping of pessimistic sarcasm to make the blues go away. I love my skinny jeans and cloth shoes. My old chiz and crafts. I love my hazelnut coffee in the morning and organic herbal teas. I love knowing bands no one else knows. I enjoy being the awkward person in the bunch. I may give advice to people that I necessarily wouldn’t do myself. I hate people who play follow the leader. I love my vintage tees and hobo bags. I love being a hypocrite. I enjoy riding my bike. I love handlebar mustaches. I hate people who bully other people. I like walking into a place and being the only weird one. I hate people who are always bubbly. I love by hippie headbands. I love my bad posture. Well maybe not too much. I love my nerd glasses. I love my cardigans. I love my frowns. I love making fun of “normal people”. I hate people who buy plain old shirts from a mainstream clothing store that just slaps a bird or logo on it and its suddenly awesome.  Yes, all in a days work of being a hipster. 


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