That Nice Feeling

You know that tingling in the pit of your belly when you’re just that happy? Or when you’ve just been having such a swell day? Or when you know everything’s AOK? It feels pretty good doesn’t it? I haven’t been feeling like a wanker at all. I even found my cellular device. I mean, I don’t use it much, but still. I guess God’s showing me that, yes there are still good people in the world and yes, he still throws out some good days. And plus, I have to admit, I really hate people. Not even in a mean way, but in a very practical manner. Well, I shouldn’t say that I hate them. I just strongly dislike the things they say and do; please excuse my overcritical statements. With all that said, you should guess that I don’t have very many friends. Don’t fell sad for me because I’m very content with having a few people I can actually be friends with. At least I don’t have to go find some fake friends that I can fake laugh with. And back to the topic of nice feelings and good friends, when I turned my lost cellular device on, a message popped up. The only message that was on that stupid technological rectangle was from a friend that I thought I really didn’t have. Not in a mean way, but I always thought her being friends with me would be a short school year thing. I always thought that I was too weird for her or that I wasn’t as refined as other people. The message was from her and it just made my day. I was simple and just straightforward. That’s how people should be. That’s how we all should be, but that would be too much against human nature. So this post is dedicated to her; for proving me wrong and making my day that much better. (sappy, I know, but 100% real)

“Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend.”-Albert Camus


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