What About Me?

It’s weird. All my friends have their own little things in their life that make them a little rocky; whether it be first loves, boyfriends, finding themselves, fights with their parents, seeing who they can trust or not. But here I am, sweet ol’ Danean, that girl you go to when no one else is around. That girl you go to when you find yourself seeping through the cracks. That girl that always has a smile plastered on her face; nothing gets her down. Everything seems just so fake in my life. People are sickly happy around me. They listen to what I say. I fight with my family and stuff, but ten minutes later it’s like old times. My dad ignores me 24/7 then goes and buys me craft supplies. My mom judges my every movement but tells me I’m beautiful. And then I find myself being the true hypocrite I am. I tell people to cheer up, everything’s going to work out, but then I’m the biggest pessimist of all pessimists. ImageI tell a friend to chase down the guy she’s been wanting for the longest, but I run away from the sweetest guy for years now. Maybe some day I’ll be the one trying to find myself. Maybe one day I’ll let him be nice to me. Maybe one day I’ll find someone to trust. Maybe one day I’ll find something that I’m good at. Maybe one day I’ll not screw everything up. Just maybe.

“If everything always went perfectly, I would feel like, When is the ball going to drop? Because good things don’t always last. Maybe I’m a pessimistic person. When something just seems too good, I can’t believe it.”


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