Letting a Few Things Out

So, as the title states, and as I’m restating, I’m letting a few things out because if I don’t, my brain would positively explode. Dramatic. I know. So, first of all, congrats to my friend who I’m not gonna name. You did a good job of removing what was tearing you apart and holding you back. I love you for it :P. Anywho, I had a serendipitous afternoon with my buddy afterschool. We read a children’s’ book, but wasn’t quite fit for a six year old if you asked me. It’s called ”Micheal Rosen’s SAD BOOK”. I recommend it to all you lovers of sadness.

Speaking of sadness I want to tell you a story that may or may not be fictional. There once was a weirdo girl who was nice to everyone. Well, she tried her hardest to be nice because she believed that everyone deserved at least a little happiness in their life. She was a total hypocrite because deep down she was really annoyed by mostly everyone and hated–no strongly disliked, some people in fact. This girl also felt extremely sorry for this certain guy who didn’t seem to have very many friends. She didn’t really know how to approach him because a colleague of hers is his ex. The weirdo girl doesn’t think he’s such a bad guy like everyone else seems to. But how can she possibly go against the STATUS QUO???? This girl didn’t really like school and just wanted to get it over with. This girl also was fed up with the people at school because they’re not making her life any easier. She felt overwhelmed when anyone brought up college , scholarships, or the future because she was clueless and wished she were Peter Pan at times. She misses the old days when all she needed was to strap on some overalls, have imagination, the outdoors, and a couple of buddies to have a good time. She misses the old Nick shows: All That, Doug, Inspector Gadget, The Wild ThornBerries, Rocketpower, Hey Arnold, Kenan and Kel, Ren and Stimpy, Rugrats,etc. It seems like it all went by so fast. One day she was dancing in the rain in her polka-dot bathing suit, the next she was spazzing about a Biology Exam. Where has time gone? Everything is so overrated and materialistic now. Back then, you didn’t need much, but now it’s just more more more 24/7. If I could time travel, I’d tell my past self to treasure those moments of pure childhood because they slip away fast. Please comment, follow, or whatever if you’ve got some stuff to share. Cherrio ol’ chaps.


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