Oh Lovely Plastic Bottles..You Will Be the Death of Us All

 I learned a little something about the Eastern Garbage Patch today as I watched a documentary on ocean pollution. While I was soaking up the screen before my very eyes I wondered how many other people didn’t even know about the horrible condition of our waters…so here I am to put my two cents out there.

Image This disgusting representation of humanity’s neglectance of the enviroment that surrounds them has many names; the Great Pacific Patch, the Trash Vortex, the Western Garbage Patch,etc. This gliding dump forms east of Japan and west of Hawaii. The Eastern Garbage Patch floats between Hawaii and California (two times bigger than Texas). It covers an area one and a half time the size of the USA and  please remember that plastic is not biodegradedable. In fact, the world produces 300 billion pounds of plastic each year, about 10% ends up in the ocean, 70% of which eventually sinks. For more facts and info, please go to the link:http://greatpacificgarbagepatch.info/.

Some people have made great strides to end the use of bottled water. To find out more about that go to this link here: http://www.crystalline-water.com/go_green/bottled_water_bans.html. I know what you’re thinking. Oh no, how will I ever live without my death bottle. There’s a little thing called reusable water bottles. You don’t need a water bottle a day. Think about it. And no I’m not PMSing over “dumb” water bottles. I think it’s a very serious matter because we just may not always have the oceans and wildlife we have today. I mean, we all drink water. Who goes around saying, “Hey, I love me some dirty water!”. No one, obviously. Please spread the word about this. If you have friends that are always clutching to their bottles, give them an early birthday gift; a reusable bottle. Tell your family, boyfriend, girlfriend. brother, sister, WHOEVER. Volunteer, start a club, don’t be quiet. Just try to make a difference. I know it sounds way overrated. Trust me, you’re never too young or old to speak up. I’m a teenager myself and sometimes I hold back. But just think, what’s our generation’s future going to be like? Hopefully not like any of those futuristic movies. I know we still have a long way to go, but you have to start somewhere. Please comment, follow, whatever. 


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