The Highly Overrated High School Ranks

Oh, how I love high school. Please be aware that I am more than one hundred and ten percent being sarcastic. Adults say, “Kids these days don’t know half of what we knew. BACK IN THE DAY…”. And then there’s no point of return. High school sucks. It’s just a fact. I personally hate it because occasionally I become a lazy bum and feel like doing nothing. So I sit in class dazing off in my own little world and doodle on the assignment that was given. Test time comes around and surprise surprise, I know absolutely nothing. I mean, who thought that rounding more than a thousand teens full of gushing hormones into one facility was a bright idea??? Many rock bands have informed us all that teens are not only very delusional and unbalanced but also a wee bit bipolar. In high school you’ve got so many cliques that it makes your head spin. You have the goths who hang out with the scene kids and punks but then you have the preps who also associate with the athletes aka jocks. If the geeks and nerds are “cool” enough, they get the oh so high privilege of either hanging with the goths, scene, and punks or allowed to mesh into the preps/athletes by letting them copy their homework, tests, etc. You have the skaters and “rockers” who basically are with the scene, goth, and punk. Everyone is basically a stoner. Then you have the super ghetto people and the Hispanic and Mexicans. Then there’s the plain weird kids who hang with each other and try to create their own specialized drama. The rejects are the ones who once had a group but were obviously rejected and had to create their own. Lastly, but not least, are people like me. You have the awkward kids. People often call us hipsters but deep down, we’re a bunch of bumbling outsiders. Some people say I listen to weird music(indie/alternative/Bob Dylan/The Beatles). Others say I wear weird old clothes. One time a girl even asked me if I knew what Hollister and hip-hop were. I wake up and walk into high school hating–strongly disliking, pretty much everyone who’s in a group. The scene flip their hair to much. The Seniors are too giddy. The rejects are trying too hard. The preps make my skin crawl. As the movie the Rocker said, “Are you kidding me? Look at him, it’s like Abercrombie is making people now.” I’m not trying to be critical. It’s so annoying. I hate how couples stop right in front of me in the hallway as I’m trying to make my way to class. All I want to do is yell, “Get out the way! You’re going to be over in about three days anyway!”. Okay, I’ll stop jizzing about high school now. But think about it. If you’re in high school right now, would you want to go back later on in life? If you’re long gone out of high school, are you pooping your pants to get a chance to get caught in a bustle, bumping against a couple making out? I think not my friend. And I already know what some of you are going to say,”I’d want to start over to get a better understanding of [insert stupid subject here].” Well please comment away! Adios!


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