Ello World

Look alive, Sunshine:). I’m as new as a one day year old baby at this and am obviously talking—well blogging to myself. I guess I’m blogging because I just want to try new things and I’ve never blogged before so…here I am world! Well not world since, like I said before, I’m having a conversation with myself. Anyway, yeah so, uh, I know it sounds stupid. I mean who puts blogging on their “new things to try” list? (obviously, me.) I guess I’ll update often or whatever. Why am I doing this besides the fact that I want to “try new things” you ask? I have no idea. I’m just a really awkward person. I mean, what can I say?!  Plus, a very special chum-yeah, you did read that right-I said chum, put a pep in my step and ultimately motivated me to make a blog *wink wink*. (Winking is so weird to me). (Yet I still do it). (No really, I don’t know how to wink). (That should be a new hip-hop song! Teach me how to wink. Teach me, teach me how to wink. It will go platinium.)

So, with all that said, today a little thought popped into my head. That isn’t very weird for me because random thoughts often appear in my head. I blame technology. Just kidding, actually I blame the incredulously boring town I live in. I try to make it fun, but some people like to pounce on the weak. Like I was saying, don’t you hate it how people will say, “Aw, it’ll be okay. Just be yourself.” They might not say it in that format, but as soon as they let the words fall from their lips I feel like slapping it back in them. Seriously though, we’ve all heard the whole “be yourself” slogan since we were kids. Some have learned not to follow it and some, meaning me, have just hopped along the bunny trail with “kick me” on our backs. I’m not saying that being yourself is a bad thing. I’ve learned to be myself alright, just around certain people. Genius,I know. Then there are just some people that you know should not have been told “just be yourself”. I’m not being mean; just toshing is out there. (That was a Daniel Tosh reference.)  Being yourself. That is an overrated phrase. So, this is the end of my first blog. Whoot whoot. If you hated it or loved it or whatever please comment. Give tips. I probably won’t listen. Just kidding. Go wild. Set the world on fire. Not really. Set fire to the rain. That’d be cool. Take pics if you accomplish setting fire to rain. Don’t blame me if you catch on fire. Don’t haunt me if you die. Don’t die. Toodles. (That was goodbye in the language of awkward).


One thought on “Ello World

  1. You rock. And I soooooo take ownnage of being the one to make you start a blog. Go me! **awkwardly walks away**

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